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Om Namo

The Complete Empty Paint Can
1 August 1983
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My life and my bio are a work in progress.

""mcjmedhnswagvedjmtk,yhgkihn nhnde74477wjusane33333333333333331q`5tttttttttttttt8455555555````````````````"" ~ Says Sly.

Chynagurl666: Remember, in the dark no one can see what you're touching.
Rent3798: Danielle, bite me with your suggestion!

“”To conquer others is to have power, to conquer yourself is to know the way””
""I hope the leaving is joyful and I hope never to return""
""You got me all clusterfucked""
""It's my Monet Sky""
""Gotta love those Cool Breast Doritos""
“”Life is a B movie it’s stupid and it’s strange””

"”Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy""
""The taste of pleasure is often laced with pain, better to drink deep of both than to abstain""
"”The moment you let go of any fear is the moment when it's not a fear anymore b/c you are not afraid that it will happen again""
""I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me""
""Without order nothing can exist ~ without chaos nothing can evolve""
""Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be""

""I drank to drown my pain, but the damned pain learned how to swim, and now I am overwhelmed by this decent and good behavior""
""Perhaps I could get an advanced degree in erotic arts, Doctor of Fucktology""
""On every damn pass karma bush~wacks my ass and I get I all back""
""I will dismember any body of argument you have""
""No one will miss you if you haven't given them anything to miss""
""Be conscious of everything that is going on, know what everyone is doing, but act like you're a total idiot""

""Saaay, have you ever noticed that invisible deodorant isn't??""
""Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining""
""Punctuality is for the bored""
""If we are what we eat, I can be you bi morning?!""
""Nothing is almost always somthing and I'm always up to nothing""
""The unexpected can make you or break you...so far it hasn't broken me...but as far as legally insane..well I might qualify for that""

""I can taste her soul when we kiss""
""Every day that passes never ever comes back""
""Make everyday a work of art""
""Having a smoking section in a restaurant, is like having a peeing section in a pool""
""Sexxx is like pissing, everybody takes it way too seriously""
""People give me advice and it goes in my ears and out my vagina""

""That's a cute outfit you got on, it would look better on the floor of my bedroom tho""
""You're like a puppi that hasn't been fixed yet""
""Ah, the power of Buddah and his magical herb, and let us not forget our friends: Jack, Mike, Skyy, all together making an Absolute, Blackberry Swirl of Southern Comfort""
""I make fuck like animal""
""Your smile is someone's necessity""
""I need an orgasm, stat!!!

""Whatever you feel, remember, you're a human being, not someone's problem""
""There's not a problem with them being gay, there's a problem with them being hateful""
""Why is it Homosexuality bi choice and Heterosexuality bi nature?!""
""Sometimes my clit does more thinkin than my brain""
""Life is our's we live it our way""
""Makes me think of breast milk.. you know the whole, lactating, wet spots on the bra thing""

""Grits are like potato weird"">
""No, I won't give~in to your Queer pressure""
""Was I dreaming or did you try and put your finger up my butt??""
""So what are you the welcome fuck wagon??""
""You threw our only good cutting knife @ a warlord last week, I bet it's still sticking out of his thigh""
""I like to get creative when I fight it gets my juices going / Can we cook with your juices?!""

""The greatest possesion is free will, keep your destiny in your hands""
""Small people hate loneliness. But the master makes it her home, her source, her mother. For she knows it allows her to be one with the universe""
""The heart can betray, the sword never lies""
""The master knows no expectations; therefore no disappointment. and thus she stays young; forever""
""I think that if my mom weren't so good @ pretending to be happi that she'd be better at actually being happi.""
""We're not concerned about offending people who don't agree with us on these issues""

""Life can make you harder than a rock.""
""A love of learning goes a long way toward making life fun.""
""Nature is only doing its job in creating new life and revitalizing an area when natural disasters happen and destroy peoples lives.""
""I'm sorry, I feel so euphoric will you get me that lesbian?""
""Lucks like the tide: it turns, then gets faster and can't be stopped.""
""My ears feel full, as if with water or wax. That is the silence, that my uncle cultivates in his house, as other men grow vines and flowering creepers.""

""I don't know if you've heard.. but rough is in my day planner""
""It's like doin riverdance on Mother Earth's clit!""
""The future is a Mistress that is so hard to please and the past is a pebble in my shoe""
""..Of course we fight, we're Italian, it's how we show love""
""The best kept secrets are in the words""
""sometimes "feelings" are momentary and dont need to be discussed.. so as long as you talk when its necessary... all's good..""

""Biting is cool, cannibalism isn't""
""Voyeurism is participation""
""Danielle's got gps in her crotch""
""You're the story behind so many of my best stories""
""Making out is a lost art form""
""That's why I love her, bc she's foul""

""..And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud, was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.""
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